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Amber and Bella:

Friends Across the World!

Hello there! 你好!We are Amber and Bella, video call pen pals and long time friends. Check out our book to encourage multicultural friendships among kids and fund multilingual education programs that make them possible. 


Our Story

Check out our English-Traditional Mandarin children's book ideal for readers in 3rd-5th grade. All profits support multilingual education!

Amber and Bella: Friends Across the World details our journey as Taiwanese and American friends in the hopes of inspiring other young students to seek friends of all cultures. The bilingual book is written, illustrated, and published by kids, for kids. All profits are donated to multilingual education programs.


Buy a book for yourself or donate a copy to an American or Taiwanese school library today!


Off the Page

Here's a sneak peak at some of the memories that inspired our book and how they made it from our hearts to the page!
Amber donates our book to local elementary schools in Taiwan! 
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